Anita Boom to represent Australia & Supafight Gym Melbourne in the IFMA World Championships.

In October 2015 Anita Boom competed in the Australian Muay Thai Championships on the Gold Coast, coming away with Gold and has successfully secured her place on the team to represent Australia in the IFMA World Championships in Muaythai, in Jönköping May 2016. This fight was one of the first steps towards her goals of achieving World Champion status.

IFMA Muaythai World Championship is one of the largest martial art events in the world with more then 2000 athletes, officials, masters and 40 000 spectators for this 10 day competition where the best of international Muay Thai amatures will compete for the title of IFMA World Champion.
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Anita Boom trains out of Supafight Gym in Saint Kilda under the guidence of Don Millar. Don Millar is one of Australia's most well-known and respected professional Muay Thai trainers. He is a former Australian Champion, trained in Thailand, who always goes out of his way to propel the Australian Muay Thai scene forward. Don was nominated for the 2013 Australian Muay Thai awards for trainer of the year. 

The current team of fighters consist of Australian and Victorian Champions who have fought internationally in Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Canada and New Zealand and continues to attract internationally renound fighters as Supafight Gym is considered one of the top traditional training facilities in Victoria. 

Don sends his most dedicated fighters to train in Thailand every year to train and fight in Bangkok, Thailand under Sangtiennoi Sor Rungroj well known as “The Deadly Kisser”. He has trained the Australian King of Muay Thai, John Wayne Parr and current up and comer Sam Bark.

With a promising career in Muay Thai so far,
Anita Boom’s current record 6 fights 5 wins with one being by K.O. has already competed in Thailand with her next fight scheduled for 2nd April 2016 on one of Perth’s major Muay Thai fight show, Domination Muay Thai. 

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Please feel free to take this opportunity to check out Boom's fighting profile:  which has photos and videos of their recent fights and achievements. 

As Muay Thai is a growing sport in Australia and the world, being a dedicated consistent fighter means she has to generate other ways to fund her fighting and training requirements. 

If you would like to assist Anita Boom in representing Australian Muay Thai at the IFMA World Championships, please feel free to make a contribution towards flights, accommodation, training costs and sending them to Sweden and all opportunities for sponsorship can be discussed directly via Anita's facebook message page.

We thank you and appreciate any contribution you can make towards her journey.