Fighters train hard, if you think you have what it takes to fight get in contact   with Don Millar.



Training 6 days plus running is hard work, but if it was easy everybody would do it.

A usual training session consists of a 5-8km run to warm up; you will often see the fighters dressed in track suits and sweat suits running around Albert park lake.

The warm up is followed by a round of shadow boxing, 3 rounds hitting the heavy bags, 3-5 rounds on the Thai pads with the trainers, technique sparring or hard boxing sparring depending on the day.

Clinching to finish, follwed by 300 knees on the bag, a round of teeps on the bag, 50 kicks, then pull ups to finish.

Rounds are 4 minutes and in between there are always push ups an sit ups to do.

Sound like fun?

Check out the achievements of the current and past fighters, everyone mentioned here has done the hard yards.





Even if you are not a fighter,  Muay   Thai is a  fantastic  sport,  get involved!

Check out Personal Training or Group Classes.


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